“A property management consultant is a person who is overall responsible for adding value to your property in ways beyond what most people aren’t aware of. This article provides an insight to why hiring a property management consultant is important based on how they add value to your business.


While most people want to invest in real estate property and have the resources for doing it as well, they still lack a major component required to become a successful property investor.

In simple words, we are talking about property management. Knowing how to manage an investment property and add value to it is the next big concern for most property investors after buying a nice piece of real estate.

However, not all real estate investors aren’t aware or fully understand the necessity of and how to adopt the best practices for real estate management.

Hence, the need to hire a property management consultant arises.

But before you think about appointing a property management consultant or property management consultancy firm for managing your real estate affairs, it is highly important to fully understand the role of a property management consultant.

This means that you must know the answer to what a property management consultant does that is so important.

So, let’s begin discussing this.



What important things does a property management consultant do?

Before beginning this section of the article, you need to fully understand that property management consultants play an important role in managing various affairs and matters related to your real estate property.

From advising you on the necessary repairs and maintenance measures to extracting maximum return on investment for many years ahead, a property management consultant has several responsibilities and role functions.

Here is a brief explanation of the few important ones.


1. Understanding your property

Whether it is your first investment property, or you are a seasoned real estate investor, chances are that you might still lack certain essential attributes of managing real estate.

This means that a good and professionally adaptive property management consultant will basically have a sound and in-depth understanding of every property they come across.

Based on their experience and unique perspective, property management consultants understand more clues in any property that most investors may have skipped or might not have been even aware of.

A diversified approach of a property management consultant helps identify spots and drawbacks in a property that could be polished further and capitalized for prolonged ROI.


2. Increase potential and maximize ROI (Return on Investment)

An increase in the potential of the property to generate maximum ROI (return on investment) is the primary objective of every real estate investor. A well-experienced property management consultant is fully aware of this fact and therefore will work effortlessly towards achieving this goal.

This includes finding the right type of tenants for generating good rental income, eliminating, or at least trying to reduce the number of unnecessary expenditures, and also seeking any tax benefits that may come attached with the investment property.


3. Property planning and maintenance

Some property investors are inclined more towards flipping the asset while others want huge rental incomes.

Similarly, some properties give a high yield when sold immediately with minor changes while others are good for generating rental income now and may bring a significant amount purchase offer in the future.

However, this all depends on how well the property management consultant is efficient in managing the real estate property.

The right kind of property management consultant will always know what necessary changes to make and what factors to maintain in a real estate property to achieve huge gains by way of flipping or renting out a client’s property.


4. Marketing experts

Whether your goal as a real estate investor is to buy-sell properties, generate high rental yields, or even both, a property management consultant can take care of everything.

This is because a good property management consultant is also an experienced marketing expert.

Property management consultants carry out extensive marketing campaigns to find the right type of buyers and tenants for your property.

However, in certain situations, this does not only mean sending out emails to other clients, real estate agents, and brokers, or conducting regular open houses or property showings.

This is because going public is not the right option every time. Instead, property management consultants understand the need to scrutinize the best options first and explore places for finding the right buyer and/or tenant.


5. Money management

An expert property management consultant will also know how to manage the financial matters related to a property.

For example, he should know when the rental income receivables are due and when the bills become payable. This way, he can budget out everything based on the monetary inflows and outflows.

Essentially, property management consultants should have the skills to prepare monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and full-year reports. These reports, besides containing all the details, should also be easy for the client to understand.


6. Tenant issues and complaints

Besides finding tenants, arranging for the necessary paperwork to formalize tenancy agreements and other important arrangements with the tenants, property management consultants also act as a bridge between the property owner and tenants.

This means that they act as a buffer for the real estate investors by addressing most issues and complaints raised or experienced by the tenants.


7. Rental income issues, collection, and eviction notices

All property investors are well-aware of the fact that not all tenants pay their rental dues on time. While there can be a legitimate reason behind this delay, it can also be otherwise.

Some tenants intentionally pay late and can be quite troublesome to handle in such situations. A real estate investor with a large portfolio may find it inconvenient to deal with such matters on his own. Also, if it’s someone’s first time coming across such a hurdle, they might not be able to take the necessary steps in the right direction, thus causing further delay only.

However, a property management consultant faces these issues in the normal course of business. Therefore, he is well-aware of what measures to take to counter such issues and recover outstanding rental receivables.

Similarly, eviction or formally asking a tenant to evacuate a property they have occupied for residential or commercial purposes also comes with some challenges.

However, this too is a routine matter for a property management consultant.



Final thoughts

To conclude everything that has been discussed above in a few words, here is what you need to primarily understand. For a better perspective and understanding, we have divided the important phrases into bullet points.

A property management consultant, in simple words,

  • is a person or a consultancy firm that will take the required steps on your behalf,
  • within their limited authority, capacity, and capability,
  • regarding actions which you may also have taken yourself,
  • had you been managing your property instead of hiring them or any external source,
  • for managing your real estate property and its various matters.

Now that you are fully aware of the importance of a property management consultant, probably the next step is to hire the best one.

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